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AITAH for Refusing to Re-Propose After My Fiancée Lost Her Engagement Ring?


I (29M) proposed to my fiancée (28F) six months ago with a beautiful ring that I saved up for over a year to buy. She was thrilled, and we've been happily planning our wedding since then. Last weekend, we went on a trip to the mountains for a little getaway. During one of our hikes, she realized that her engagement ring was missing. She was devastated and we spent hours retracing our steps, but we couldn't find it.

When we got back home, she asked if I could get a new ring and re-propose to her to recreate the special moment. I told her that I understood how she felt, but buying another ring of the same quality would be financially challenging for me right now. I suggested that we could either wait until I could afford a similar ring or get a more modest ring for now and upgrade it in the future.

She was upset and said that it wouldn't feel the same with a different ring and that the magic of the proposal was lost. She insisted that she wanted the moment to be recreated just as it was before. I told her that the important thing was our commitment to each other, not the ring or the proposal itself. She accused me of not caring enough about her feelings and said that if I truly loved her, I would find a way to make it happen.

Now, there's a lot of tension between us, and she's been distant ever since. I feel like I'm being practical, but she feels like I'm not valuing our engagement enough. AITAH for refusing to re-propose with a new ring under these circumstances?

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Politics Trump leaves the courthouse knowing the inevitable is coming in his criminal case


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Traffic Meme Can confirm.


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ I'm embarrassed for her


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Kick Caroline Kwan calls one of her relatives a racial slur and refers to his kids as "little aryans"

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Humor/Cringe This is what being over 40 is like


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TIL that when the Nazis threatened to execute Archbishop of Greece Damaskinos for speaking against the deportations of the Greek Jews he replied: "According to the traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church, our leaders are hanged, not shot. Please respect our traditions."


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Discussion/ Debate Smart or dumb?


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She's awesome


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Your Wife Must Feed You Well


I went to a local td bank, I lost my debit card and needed a new one. I showed my ID to the manager, she looks at it for about 15 seconds and says with a smirk, you look different, what happened? I said excuse me? You're wife must feed you well she rudely says. This happened over a year ago and it still bothers me.

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Trump Anti-Biden protesters are Trump’s best chance at winning election. Trump promises to deport them if they are successful.


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A downed cable laying in my driveway


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Russia/Ukraine Finland allows Ukraine to strike Russia with Finnish weapons


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Business Best Buy set for tenth straight quarter of sales drop on weak electronics spending


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Boomer Story "It must be mommy's day off!"


This happened a few years ago.

Edit: I'm a man (barely). I'm the father in this situation, guess that wasn't clear. Anyway:

When my son was born, I was working from home. This was pre-pandemic so it was a little more of an unique situation at the time, at least where I lived. Since I was the one working from home, I generally did most of the childcare stuff. My job at the time was pretty flexible so if I disappeared for a little while no one knew or cared. As such, I would take my son to the park or grocery shopping or whatever as need arose.

Every time...and I mean EVERY single time...some boomer would ask "Oh, is it mommy's day off?"

One day, I was at the grocery store checkout and my son was being very fidgety. I was trying to manage him and he was just in a straight up pissy mood, which wasn't helping MY mood. Sure enough, at the worst possible time, I hear it: "Must be mom's day off!"

I turned around and saw this old lady smiling at me. Without missing a beat, I said "My wife had an aneurysm while giving birth and passed away. Every day is mom's day off."

She started apologizing and I just turned around and continued checking out. Maybe an anticlimactic ending, but I felt good about it for weeks afterwards.

By the way, my wife is fine.

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Discussion What’s the most ridiculous moment you’ve seen in a movie that was meant to be taken seriously?


I was flipping though the channels last night and caught some of Michael Bay’s “Pearl Harbor”. It’s not a great flick. Outside of the battle scenes it’s mostly a shallow, melodramatic love story. Even still the movie takes itself fairly seriously. During the aftermath of the attack on Peal Harbor, there’s a scene in which President Roosevelt stands up out of his wheelchair in order to give a rousing speech (more like a statement). It’s absolutely absurd. The film undercuts the tragic nature of the attack for this ridiculous and totally fictional rah-rah moment. It’s like something out of a spoof. Are there any other scenes of this nature in other movies that are meant to be taken seriously?

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Mother of Jan. 6 officer Michael Fanone swatted after he called Trump 'authoritarian'

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Locked away at 18, Robert DuBoise hugs his mom outside the prison after DNA freed him at 57


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Silent warriors


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Computer Science GPT-4 didn't really score 90th percentile on the bar exam, MIT study finds


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Advice Needed I found my boyfriend’s “trophies” and I don’t know what to do


I (28F) have been dating my boyfriend (28M) for almost 6 years with one year long breakup after an issue with infidelity on his end. I gave him another chance and things have been going great.

We had decided to take things slow when we got back together (a little over a year ago), so we didn’t move in together right away and a couple months before my lease was up we started looking for a place. I was slowly starting to move some of my stuff into his place as my lease will be up a couple weeks before his and we won’t be able to move into our new place until that time.

With summer basically already here, I was getting my winter stuff into the little bit of storage I could in his apartment and stumbled across a drawer with two pairs of my panties that had long gone missing.

For context, the drawer is one of those long and deep under the bed drawers. The panties were directly in front, you could see the red fabric clearly by only opening the drawer a couple of inches.

I asked him about it and he seemed embarrassed and said I had left them at his place when we broke up and that he would “use them” when he missed me or was “thinking” about me during his um…personal time.

I might be an absolute weirdo for this, but I thought that was kind of sweet so I told him to keep them. He had said he’s never done anything like that before and he was too embarrassed to tell me.

Fast forward to moving day. He had to work that morning, but we had almost everything already packed and ready to go, so I was just supposed to stay with the movers and unlock necessary doors and stuff. He said that when he got done with work he would deal with the bed frame thing since it was so bulky and required power tools to take apart.

Everything got moved much more quickly than anticipated (we were just moving across our small town), so I thought I’d start the process of moving the bed frame.

When I pulled out the drawers I found, in the very back, 10 pairs of women’s panties (not including the two of mine in front) and a uniquely patterned pair of bikini bottoms. I quickly put the drawers back and reverted to the original plan and waited for him to get done with work.

I have not brought up finding the full contents of the drawer, but did sort of revert to my old 2AM-mental instability-spiral routine of online stalking the girl he cheated on me with a few years ago and found a picture of her wearing the bikini bottoms. This was bad enough, but she was wearing them on a vacation that took place (or was at least posted) a weekend he was out of town for (what he told me was) work, and she has since then not worn them in two other bathing suit posts.

I have fully convinced myself that he’s cheated again despite only having a drawer of clothing items and an Instagram post that very well could have been posted long after the picture was taken.

No panties have been added to the collection, and I still haven’t said anything to him about it despite him asking multiple times if something is bothering me.

I guess I’m asking for advice on what I should do now

Edit for both context and a sort of update:

Her instagram post was captioned “over a year of being sunburnt” and was a kinda photo dump of multiple trips, with the time frame of our break up it’s a very real possibility that they were together while we weren’t and she is just now posting them (although it would have had to be literal days before we reconciled officially).

We live in a small town and my best friend is dating her (the girl my bf cheated with*****)’s brother, so I’ve enlisted her to dig for some info.

I’ve also taken photos and screenshots which I intend to print out, and write up a sort of script type thing or notes to confront him.

It’s not lost on me that this is at best incredibly creepy and dishonest, and at worst dangerous and perverted.

I have already started looking into alternative living arrangements (which is why I initially reached out to my best friend, and will be staying with her)

UPDATE: I didn’t expect this post to get as much attention as it has and I do really appreciate the different perspectives.

I did text him saying that I think we need some time apart, and am currently sitting on my friends couch.

I messaged the girl asking if she and I could talk, but have not gotten a response yet. Previously when he cheated, she was under the impression that he and I had broken up and I have never been rude or angry towards her as she was lied to in that situation as well.

I don’t see this relationship working out because either way he has lied to me. Whether he has a panty fetish, is cross dressing, or whatever else has been discussed in the comments; when confronted initially he said he had never done that before. Either he was honest then and has since acquired the panties (with or without physically cheating again), or he lied then and that wasn’t the first time.

I’m not really sure what my next steps will be, because we still have 11 months in this lease, but I will be talking with the property manager tomorrow.

I’m currently trying to figure out what the best course of action is as far as breaking up. Whether to have a conversation and laying it all out there, leaving him to figure out why I’m leaving on his own, or what.

I will say already did take mine back and tossed them in the dumpster. If I find out when she messages me back that he stole the bottoms from the other girl I feel it’s safe to assume he took them all without permission, and I will be discarding them.

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Israel/Palestine Rioters set fire to Israeli embassy in Mexico City