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Megathread Megathread: President Biden Announces That He Will Not Seek Reelection


Today President Joe Biden announced on Twitter that he would not seek reelection, and that he would address the nation later this week.

Megathread, Part 2 can be found here.

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Biden withdraws from US Presidential Race

Thumbnail theguardian.com

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Political Joe Biden drops out of election


We are all entitled to our opinion and I’d encourage open-mindedness. I feel this is a step in the right direction for the Democratic Party. The bar has been set possibly as low as it could be and Biden was at risk of losing. There are plenty of capable candidates.

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I guarantee it


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r/all Biden has dropped out of the US Presidential race


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Race Oscar Piastri wins the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix


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Cringe In case you wonder what platforms are spreading misinformation to our boomer parents:


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Country Club Thread It's official.


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Trump is everything Christianity despises (Greedy, blatant liar, hateful, and basically atheist) yet will still receive the majority of votes from Christians


It's insane just how the MAJORITY of Christians don't even follow their own "Holy Book". Let me ramble off a few things off the top of my head.

-Lied about reading the bible, but doesn't know a single verse

-Vehemently anti immigration, despite the bible practically advocating for open borders and a united society

-Slowly trying to potray himself as a "savior with god's protection"

-Similarly labeling himself as a prophet, when the bible warns against false prophets

-And on top of all this, still having the balls to LIE repeatedly about being blessed, loving christianity, etc when he truly doesn't give a shit. Almost seems like a cult with how he uses religion to control his fans...

-And did I mention he's a liar? I've never seen someone so good at lying in my life, it's pathological and millions of idiots fall for it.

If christianity was real, Trump would be in the deepest depths of hell. Yet HE was the one who deserves to be "blessed by god". It's scary how many mindless christians drones there are in the US. People NEED to realize that another Trump presidency can and WILL be the start of societal downfall.

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When I drink alcohol my scar on my thumb lights up like a neon light or lightsaber


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article Eminem’s The Death of Slim Shady Ends Taylor Swift's Reign, Debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200

Thumbnail tvfandomlounge.com

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Clubhouse Joe Biden dropping out of election race?


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ They are going with the oldest nominee ever


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"They're in the middle of a full blown communist takeover". Joe Rogan on why he won't visit Canada anymore. I'm a Canadian and I'm hoping someone can explain to me how he is coming to this conclusion? What is communist about Canada?


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TIL about Nzou, an elephant that's been the matriarch of a buffalo herd for over 40 years. She has been challenged at least 14 times for the leadership of the herd.


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Advice Needed AITAH for not sharing my only plate with a pregnant woman?


I recently found out I have a gluten allergy. Which explains all of the stomach pains, and aches I've had when trying to eat anything my whole life. Since finding out about the allergy, I've been making sure to avoid foods that contain even trace amounts of gluten, because even a small amount causes indigestion and in some cases vomiting.

I was invited out to breakfast with some of my friends, and I let them know of the allergy so we could pick somewhere that actually had food I could eat. The place we settled on is a really high end breakfast resturaunt that has a whole seperate kitchen, or at least section of the kitchen, for preparing their food without gluten. Which was a life saver since had that not been the case, I would've needed to skip the resturaunt entirely.

Included in my friends was a couple, who recently got pregnant. We can call them Emma, and Via. Via is the one who is pregnant, and said she wouldn't be having much since she wasn't feeling very well due to the morning sickness. Everyone understood and offered to let her just have a few bites off their plates so she could still have something nice even if it was just a little. I didn't agree to this though, since if they were going to be sharing with each other, I couldn't take part. I explained me not feeling ok sharing since I'd just be giving food without getting any, and all my friends seemed to completely understand, as well as agree that was very fair.

When the food came out, everyone was sharing and having a good time. Via asked if she could have a bite of my food, and I politely declined sharing since I couldn't grab a different bite from anyone else. Via told me her pregnancy cravings were kicking in, and all she was asking for was a couple bites so I should've just given that to her. I told her again, I'd already explained I didn't want to share since my food was all I had.

Emma told me I could just give her half, and order more food if I wasn't satisfied with the amount left, and I again told them no. The gluten free options were quite a bit more exspensive than what they were eating, and paying for two plates just so Via could have half my food didn't seem fair. Via then told me just because I was on a diet didn't mean I could be selfish, and everyone else had no issues sharing. Thankfully the rest of the people sitting there did help me stand up for myself, and told Via I'd already explained I wouldn't be sharing since no one could share back. While I'd ordered an egg scramble and some gluten free pancakes, everyone else had normal pancakes, french toast, avacado toast, and other things i just couldn't eat.

Via wasn't satisfied with their and my justification to why she couldn't have any of my food. She went on and on about how I'd turned the whole table against her, and shamed her for being pregnant and hungry. I told her if she'd gotten her appetite back, she could always order herself a plate so she didn't need to rely on anyone sharing their food. Via went off at this, and told me about all the things she's needed to pay for in preperation of her and Emma's baby. She told me I was being selfish and heartless because I didn't want to give her half my plate when I can afford to do so.

This is where I may be the a-hole because I told Via she chose to get pregnant, and she chose to go through all of the issues that come with it. I didn't chose to have a glucose allergy, and I didn't want to go hungry because she wanted to eat off everyone else for free. Via started ugly crying, and everyone tried to calm her down, but she and Emma ended up just leaving without paying their portion of the bill. No one blamed me since I was right, but Emma sent me a message telling me I could've just said no and left it at that. Instead of embarassing Via in front of all her friends.

I'm starting to feel very guilty. I didn't want either of them to leave, I just wanted her to stop trying to leverage her pregnancy against me as a way to get the only food I could eat. AITAH?

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Biden’s statement withdrawing from the 2024 election


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The Boys depicts comedic scenes of men getting raped, but never women. This is because women aren't funny.


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They started replacing the refrigerator doors with LED screens at my local Supermarket


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Norm saw the humor in the little things, that's what made him great, unlike the hypocrites he despised


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M. Night Shyamalan meeting a fan in Brazil yesterday


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No notes needed


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Eating Carolina reaper - Hottest chili pepper 🌶️


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Biden's exit makes Trump the oldest nominee in U.S. history